Curious?  Join me at one of my free weekly energy readings and start your journey…can’t wait to see you there! 

Monthly & Weekly Energy Readings – Join me for a weekly reading of energy cards every Monday and see how your week follows the flow of the energies! Check out a sample reading here…

Intuitive Tuesdays – Join the RAW Community in this private Facebook Group. Each week I draw 4 chakra cards and post them to the group. Comment with the number of the card that resonates with you, then join me live at 7:30 when I review the messages the cards hold for you

Chakra Talk Online Course – Coming Soon!

In this Intro to Chakras Course, we will be discussing the 7 main chakras! With our first week being an overall intro into what are chakras and why knowing about them matters!
This is an interactive workshop, where you will be able to participate in various energy exercises. You will receive weekly worksheets & online guided support.
Go at your own pace, feeling confident about your knowledge in chakras. Wishing you all fulfillment & joy in your energetic journeys.

Learn Basic Tarot –  January 19th – March 23rd

7:00pm – 9:00pm

In this very interactive workshop, we will be learning about the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana in depth.

When I first started practicing with Tarot, I was frustrated with not being to memorize all of the cards! Let me assure you, we will be going over each of the cards, but at the same time using our Intuition and Spiritual Guidance. We are always receiving messages & guidance from our Higher Ups, as they wish to support each one of us on our own unique journey of our Soul’s Path.

As a group, you will be giving each other readings as you become comfortable using your Tarot Deck with my guidance. You will always be supported and when you are warmed up and ready to share, the group will be supporting you!

Let me assist you in gaining knowledge developing the way feel feels best for you to practice reading Tarot. We are forever Students of the Universe!

This workshop is 10 weeks and the investment is $180 plus tax.

Your Tarot Deck is your responsibility to get if you don’t already have one click the link to order your very own!  

I can’t wait to get started and show you the magic in Tarot!

Much love,

When you Register, you will receive a Zoom link and will be given a link before each class