Full Moon Release Printable


Every time we come to the end of a cycle, it’s important to reflect on the past cycle that we have just had. Are there things that you’d like to change?

How to use the Full Moon in Aries printout.

  1. Write down sayings like “I release”
  2. I release the feeling of…
  3. I release the fear of…
  4. I let go of…
  5. And keep writing all of the things that you’d like to let go of. Get all of that emotion out and then rip up the paper, submerge it in water or  some people bury it and some people burn it, safely. However you decide to dipose of your paper is part of your letting go process and you should do whatever feels right to you.

Enjoy the feeling of of releasing for this Aries Super Full Moon.

Sending you all the highest energetic LOVE!

Robin xo


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