Chakra Colouring Book For Adults And Kids


Colouring has so many benefits for you, mind body, and soul!

When focusing on colouring, you are leaving out the outer world, and focusing on your connection to self.

This is a perfect medium to allow your subconscious to take over and automatically return to your inner child.

This is a wonderful way to release stress and learn about your 7 main energy centers as well as the benefits & joy of colouring.

Included in this 18 page colouring book are also affirmations to practice, write down and create your own.

When colouring the chakras, I have listed the colour to use, but you may use any shade that resonates with you. Have fun with this book and enjoy being in a childlike state.

Feel the freedom of your inner child

Sending you the highest energetic LOVE!

Robin xo


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