Spiritual Readings

I am, and all my life have been, a psychic medium and as a medium I am continually aware of messages that my spirit guides are sending me.  Spirit (source) is embodied in energy and I am open to receiving those messages so I can share what you are meant to receive from the psychic reading.  I receive messages straight from Spirit (Source) using tarot or oracle cards and my personal Spirit guides also come through with specific messages. When people ask me questions, I see various visions in my mind that I decipher. Can I relay a message from your loved one? Often the answer is yes but only if that is truly the connection spirit knows you are meant to receive at the time; Spirit already knows the path you need to follow.

I provide readings for individual or goups, and also offer readings combined with Reiki.



I’m so excited to have created a new YouTube Channel!!

Watch for weekly, Chakra & so many more videos to be uploaded weekly!

Coming Soon, Meditation Videos!

Thank you for all of your support!

Robin xo