I’m trying to meditate but I don’t think I’m doing it right?

You Are!

If you’re asking that question, you’re doing just fine! I know how frustrating it can be at the beginning. You just want to feel Zen now!! Lol A meditation practice is just that, a practice. Just like anything we do, whether it be a sport, cooking, applying makeup, or any skill. We need to keep doing it consistently to reap the rewards and let me tell you, there are so many benefits to meditation. Increased concentration, relaxation, peaceful mind, reduced stress. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation and I will be happy to give you some tips and guidance.
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Self Care

Why is self care so important?

You Cannot Pour From An Empty Jug!

Self care provides balance in our busy lives. You must create boundaries in order to put yourself first. Benefits of self care are feeling less stress from our every day responsibilities, it lowers our blood pressure and gives you that sense of accomplishment that you’ve achieved goals to take care of yourself which increases confidence and self worth. Providing overall wellness in your life.
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Psychic Readings

What is a psychic reading with you?

A different perspective!

To receive messages from your guides and loved ones, it’s best to have an open mind. When your energy is more free flowing and not closed off you have a better chance of receiving the reading you were hoping for. With that being said, readings go the way the energy flows. If you’re a believer in receiving messages from the other side, then you’ve probably communicated with loved ones from receiving readings from others or you have a connection yourself. If you have never had a reading before or you are a skeptic(and that is okay) you may be pleasantly surprised with who comes through to you. Keep in mind, you might not hear what you want to hear but you will receive what you need to know. ( I will have a blog about my experience) Spirits and our guides work in mysterious ways…. Pay attention to the signs in your everyday!
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What are Chakras?

How can they help me?

Chakras are Natural Energy Centers

Chakras are 7 main spinning wheels of energy throughout our body running up our spine to the top of our head. I offer a variety of chakra courses covering the basic level to the more advanced. You will be amazed at how important knowing about your chakras is and how valuable having the knowledge is!
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What is Reiki

What will a Reiki treatment do for me?

Release Negative Energy

Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that your receive from a certified practinor or teacher of Reiki. Reiki removes layers of unbalanced, stuck stagnant energy from your energy field and restoes it to a lighter, more relaxed, balanced state. Reiki promotes healing within and has so many health benefits
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How will R.A.W Coaching help me?

Break free from what is holding you back back side - add in as a Spiritual Energy Coach

A different perspective!

As a Spiritual Medium & Energy Practitioner/Teacher, I will customize a 3 month program for you, with transformational results when you commit to yourself and want to change your path to an overall abundant filled with freedom lifestyle!
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What is Spirituality?

Expand your consciousness - expand your world

A different perspective!

Spirituality is a way of being. Understanding that there is a higher power that is supporting us through our human experience. Connecting to something that is bigger than us. That assists us in believing in ourselves and making the most of our lives while we are here. I am so ever grateful for my belief in spirituality.
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